ASCEND Partner Newsletter: Quarter 2, July to September 2023

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We hope you all were able to spend time with friends and family this holiday, and we wish you all a joyous CFP season 😊

The last of ASCEND’s Q2 cohorts ended in late December, and across Canada, your clients reached an all-time high completion rate of 74%. In the quarter (yes!), almost 3 of every 4 clients completed the full online program. In Q2 we held a webinar to share the results of our ASCEND Partner Survey with you, we created a brand new ASCEND App video, and we received some amazing testimonials from your clients.


A big thank you to everyone that completed the ASCEND Partner Survey. We received a total of 52 individual responses from 33 unique partners across the country.

We reviewed your feedback and summarized your comments and questions for sharing at the ASCEND National Partner Webinar, which was held on October 24.

If you’d like to see a summary of the webinar, the slides are available here:

As we explained at the webinar, based on the feedback we received from you, as well as the feedback from ASCEND participants surveyed in August, The ASCEND Team will be working to:

  • Integrate additional real-life employment examples into the content
  • Reduce module text and transitioning some text-based content into visual elements throughout the online program
  • Develop an ASCEND proposal in response to IRCC CFP 2024 to support lower-level English learners (and LINC students)

The webinar also discussed best practices for using:

  • The ASCEND Marketing Toolkit that each partner receives after signing the Partnership Agreement
  • The ASCEND Weekly Learner Reports sent to you each week during your ASCEND cohort access period
  • Delivery of ASCEND workshops and leveraging the online ASCEND Facilitator Materials Module
  • The updated ASCEND Mobile App. To learn more about the App, please watch this brand new short ASCEND App video


  • Across the country, 26 ASCEND cohorts were offered by 23 unique partners organizations
    • 224 clients across Canada enrolled in ASCEND
    • 21 Francophone clients took ASCEND in French
    • 274 students from Northeastern University registered for ASCEND

The total program completion rate across all clients hit 74%!!!

(the highest completion rate the ASCEND program has reached in a single quarter)


Where are our partners located?

On the ASCEND website there is an excellent partner reference map that showcases where ASCEND partners are located across Canada. You can access the map here:

How can you benefit from this map?

  • It allows clients interested in ASCEND within your area to find and contact you
  • It helps you identify ASCEND partners in your region, Province or Territory, which may:
    • Support a community of practice among existing ASCEND partners, and identify potential organizational partners for future funding opportunities;
    • Allow other organizations within your area to contact you directly should they have questions on your work and/or how ASCEND supports it
  • It demonstrates to funder(s) that your organization is involved in cross-Canada partnerships supporting immigrant employment


We ask each client that completes ASCEND to share their thoughts. Here is a representative sample of what we heard in Q2:

“Thanks to ASCEND–It was a great platform for learning and discussion. I’m inspired to bring this back to the work and to my personal life. It has boosted my confidence to keep moving . This was a very well done workshop with experienced and professional speakers , well organized and informative.”

“The ASCEND program has been an enriching journey that has broadened my horizons and equipped me with valuable skills and knowledge. Every aspect of the program has contributed to a transformative learning experience.  As I continue to apply the concepts learned in my professional journey, I am grateful for the growth and development that the ASCEND program has ignited in me.”

“I liked that it was a self paced module and we also got an opportunity to meet virtually with instructors who took us through the course module. It was a very impactful learning session for me, I got better understanding of the Canadian work culture and clear expectations. I would gladly recommend this module to new immigrants. I also like the “Nasir” character, he was very relatable.”

“The ASCEND workshop was one of the best workshops that I ever attended, it increased my knowledge, skills, abilities and confidence.”

CRIEC Clients

“The overall job search and hiring process is much more clear now. I would highly recommend this course to every newcomer. I wish I knew about it earlier.”

— PIRS client

“I really think that ASCEND program is worth passing to everyone who wants to become a valuable person at workplace using his or her own soft skills. It helps a lot in motivating and setting goals and then achieving them. For sure, I would recommend this program to pass.”

 PDSB client

“The ASCEND pre-arrival career development program is a dynamic initiative designed to empower individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful transition into their chosen career fields upon arrival. By offering tailored resources, mentorship, and industry insights, ASCEND equips participants with a competitive edge in today’s job market. This program not only bridges the gap between education and professional practice, but also cultivates a community of forward-thinking professionals poised for impactful contributions in their respective industries.”

“I highly recommend the ASCEND Program to immigrants entering Canada for the first time. All modules were very educative and practical.”

“This program is highly valuable and impactful for all international student in Canada as well as non-immigrants. I highly recommend this educative modules to all student as this does not only shape your job search but also places us in a great fit for this industry and the country at large. The program offers practical and real people scenarios which you can easily relate with or shop some real situational knowledge from. As stated earlier I will suggest if this program can be made mandatory for all student to partake in so enrich themselves up for the job market here in Canada and not only to acquire a certificate for Co-op.”

Northeastern University Students

“ASCEND program gave me opportunity to explore and use my strengths in job search. This is great tool for Professionals who are newcomers in Canada.”

— PICS client

“ASCEND exceeded my expectations! The program’s insightful sessions, engaging activities, and supportive community truly transformed my learning journey.”

 — VIRCS client

“This course is absolutely fantastic! I wished I was introduced to it years ago. I have learnt so much. This course helped me to apply for a new position with confidence and follow step by step in ” my personal branding”,  ” value my existing skills and experiences”, and “interview soft skills”, and finally” career progression” skill.

I am extremely satisfied with this course, and I highly recommend it to all immigrants in all walks of life. No matter what is your background, education, age, and believes. If you are ready for a leap in your career and life, just register for this course and learn proactively. I consider ASCEND course as an investment in my life.

THANK YOU ASCEND TEAM. You are amazing!”

“The program is an excellent course for newcomers to understand how to look for a job in Canada, what employers expect from you, how to build working relationships, and how to succeed in your career. And the most important thing that you get is self-confidence and motivation for future achievements.”

VCC Clients

“I love the program, it has motivated me to use my soft skills and to remember that collaboration and adjusting to the different scenarios in the work place is very important to achieve your career goal.”

— WEST-EWE client

“The ASCEND program was totally perfect. It helped me overhaul my resume and give me a deeper understanding of the Canadian work environment.”

 WWCC client

“As an immigrant in Canada, I have acquired numerous certifications to enhance my employability. However, the Ascend Program stands out as a unique opportunity that elevates our learning experience to a whole new level. It provides comprehensive insights into the intricacies of working in an office environment in Canada and equips us with a profound understanding of the Canadian work culture and processes.”

“I enjoyed every bit of the ASCEND program. It is well detailed, educating and insightful. It is definitely going to help me as a new immigrant to blend well in to the Canadian system. I fully recommend this program to everyone that desires growth in their career.”

RIWC Clients

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