“ASCEND makes my job easier. When participants are finished with ASCEND I can match them with an employer and be confident that they will be okay and they know the steps to be successful”

– Sogol Jamali, Career Advisor, Back in Motion

ASCEND supports your employment facilitation services

We reduce the burden on our partners resources by providing them with:

Train the Trainer Videos

Lesson Plans

Participant Worksheets

Workshop Materials

Self-paced Remote Learning

Weekly Clients Progress Reports

4 simple steps to join ASCEND

Step 1


  1. Partner accepts the ASCEND Partnership Agreement, acknowledging our collaboration
  2. Partner chooses the marketing materials required for program promotion
  3. The ASCEND Team creates and shares the customized Marketing Toolkit with Partner

Step 2

Onboarding & Promotion

  1. Partner uses the Marketing Toolkit to promote ASCEND to potential participants
  2. Partner selects their preferred 1st ASCEND cohort Start Date
  3. Partner sends the ASCEND Team a list of interested and eligible participants

Step 3


On the Start Date, the ASCEND Team sends participants the ‘Welcome Email’ and enrollment details (participants have 7 days to enroll)

Step 4


  1. Each week, Partner receives a progress report showing participant progress
  2. The ASCEND Team sends participants a weekly ‘encouragement email’ to support their continued engagement and completion of ASCEND

Tailored marketing tools and dashboards for every partner!

To effectively promote ASCEND to your clients, we provide each partner with:

  • ASCEND Program Poster customized with your organization’s logo
  • PowerPoint with your logo to use for client recruitment info sessions
  • Customized Social Media graphics to inform clients of your upcoming ASCEND sessions
  • Complete Customized Marketing Toolkit with descriptions for best use of ASCEND marketing materials
  • ASCEND Program Dashboard with your logo and social media feeds

Click here to learn more on the ASCEND program background, eligibility and outcomes …

Do you have questions? Look no further!

Can non-eligible participants access ASCEND?

Participants that do not meet the eligibility requirements are able to access ASCEND, for a fee. Examples of non-eligible participants who access ASCEND on a fee-for-service basis include Temporary Foreign Workers, Canadian Citizens, International students, etc. Please contact us for more details on program costs for non-eligible participants.

Can I access the program for review before I recommend it to clients?

Absolutely. Contact us using the form below and we can share an online program demonstration.

How can I track my referred participant’s progress in the ASCEND program?

Once per week you will receive a report on your participant’s progress.

As a partner facilitator, how can I best prepare to facilitate an ASCEND workshop, will I require preparation time in advance?

All ASCEND workshop materials are provided for workshop facilitators in the “Facilitator workshop materials’ module on your ASCEND dashboard. Only facilitators have access to this module, and you can access it at any time.
It is recommended that facilitators allow enough advance time to review the relevant workshop material from the ’Facilitator workshop materials’ online module on your dashboard prior to delivering the workshop.

What content do ASCEND’s optional workshops cover?

The 6 ASCEND optional workshops provide participants with an opportunity to apply the topics learned online in an experiential, supportive environment with a group of peers. The workshops are all activity based and require no lectures or slides. The workshops can be delivered using an online video tool (like Zoom), or in-person. Each workshop runs for about 2.5 hours in total.

How big or small should an ASCEND cohort be?

ASCEND is ideally run on a cohort basis. There is a social aspect to the online program where interested participants have an opportunity to share online their employment backgrounds and experiences. The more participants in a cohort the merrier! We have run cohorts as small as 2 participants and as large as 150 participants.  Please let us know your estimated number of participants beforehand so we can accommodate you.

To optimize the benefits of the optional ASCEND workshops for your participants, when ASCEND workshops are offered, we recommend cohorts of at least 4 participants or more.

Interested in offering ASCEND to your clients?

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