ASCEND Participant feedback

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We’re proud of the ASCEND program and the employers, service providers and skilled immigrants that provided feedback throughout its development. The positive feedback we receive on the program supports the work put into building it, and we’d like to share some of what we hear with you. Here are some sample testimonials we’ve received to date:

Program participants

“I really believe that every immigrant regardless of background experience and country should participate in this program and it will help them in future career progression. Thanks for letting me part of it, I have gained tremendous knowledge and bookmarked so many links given in the program for future use.”

“ASCEND’s interactive learning has given me immense knowledge, especially about the expectations from hiring managers. It has also helped me refine the way I portray myself in a new country and understand the corporate culture. The program has given me confidence.”

“ASCEND is an open-eyes program for any skilled immigrant. I realized how things happen in the Canadian way to get the job I’m looking for.”

“ASCEND helped me be familiar with the Canadian workplace culture and expectations. The information of each module was very relevant to any newcomers and job seekers’ situations in Canada. The interactive platforms such as games and graphics were so helpful to understand the main point of each module.”

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