ASCEND Partner Newsletter: Quarter 1, April to June 2023

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We are deep into summer now and hope that yours has been filled with all the joys of the season.

This Q1 version of the ASCEND Partner newsletter covers:

  • The ASCEND Partner Survey
  • Q1 Program Summary
  • Client Certificates of Completion and Client Feedback

Thank you again for your continued engagement with the ASCEND program! Partnerships allow us to support the employability of more immigrant clients across Canada, and we are truly grateful for your continued support.


We enjoy sharing ASCEND program results and updates with you through this newsletter each quarter, but it’s been quite some time since we asked for your feedback on the program.

To help organize your thoughts and comments, we have emailed each of you an ASCEND Partner Survey. It has just 7 questions and takes just 4 minutes. If you can submit your survey response it will provide us with extremely helpful feedback that we use to continue providing a valuable program for you and your clients.

Check your email inbox for the survey, or click here to access it


  • Across the country, 32 ASCEND cohorts were offered by 23 unique partners organizations
    • For 6 of these partners this was their first ever ASCEND cohort
  • 357 clients across Canada enrolled in ASCEND (the largest number ever in a quarter), among them:
    • 21 Francophone clients took ASCEND in French

The total program completion rate across all clients hit 73%!!!

Across the country almost 3 out of every 4 clients completed the entire online program


We love seeing ASCEND clients posting their program Certificates of Completion on LinkedIn.  Here is an amazing program review from a CRIEC client that recently completed the program*:

*Participant consent to share LinkedIn post received. 

Click here to see some of the positive impacts you are making in your client’s lives. 


Where are our partners located? 

On the ASCEND website there is an excellent partner reference map that showcases where ASCEND partners are located across Canada. You can access the map here: ASCEND Partner Map 

How can you benefit from this map? 

  • It allows potentially interested clients in your area to find and contact you  
  • It helps you identify ASCEND partners in your region, Province or Territory, which may: 
    • Support a community of practice among existing ASCEND partners, and identify potential organizational partners for future funding opportunities; 
    • It allows other organizations within your area to contact you directly should they have questions on your work and/or how ASCEND supports it 
  • Demonstrate to funder(s) that your organization is involved in cross-Canada partnerships supporting immigrant employment 


We ask each client that completes ASCEND to share their thoughts. Here is a representative sample of what we heard in Q1: 

“All the modules are great and provide good insights. The real-life examples add value to the modules.”

“Starting a new career in a new place is undoubtedly challenging and frustrating. The learning modules in ASCEND give me the confidence that everything will be alright because they provide very relevant and informative information about the Canadian workplace and how to succeed in it. I feel grateful that I had the opportunity to access and finish every module.”

“This program is a gold mine of information for all newcomers hoping to build their careers in Canada.”

CIWA Clients

“I recommend this resource to any newcomer looking for solid settlement support. The course was very conveniently delivered online and the workshops were an effective opportunity for reinforced learning. Happy to have met and made new friends (a joy for new comers!) among the participants too.”

— Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society (CVIMS) client

“All information was structured amazing[ly], I would spent a lot of time to find this information on the Internet by myself. It’s a huge job, I appreciate this attitude and thank you all who made all videos, games, tests, gathering and structur[ing] key information.”

 — English Online client

This transformative program has truly been a game-changer in my life.”

Douglas College Client

“The ASCEND program is very well oriented towards migrants. It provides examples of all kinds to understand Canadian culture. Additionally, it offers ideas and exercises that allow us to get even closer to Canadian culture.”

— Kelowna Community Resources (KCR) client 

“I really enjoyed this program, it is 100% beneficial and will for sure deliver results for new immigrants’”

Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) client

“If you want to dive deep in your steps in a Canadian career you should pass this course. It helps not only to refresh knowledge about the resume and opportunities but also give you fresh ideas of your plans, goals and approaches in searching for and defining new life in Canada.”

— New Directions LINC client

“ASCEND is one of the programs that every new comer should know about.”

— Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor Inc. (WEST) client

“I would say that this the first thing a person needs to enroll for if you are new to Canada because we are not aware of the work culture here”

— Regina Immigrant Women’s Centre (RIWC) client

“I found all the materials useful and they were the things I was worried about and what I  needed to learn as a newcomer to Canada.  I think attending this program is essential for all newcomers.”

“The way it explained each step and all the relevant details was amazing. Realistic examples and interview videos were so useful. I do believe the program is so well designed based on real cases and all the difficulties that an immigrant may face through their employment journey and self and professional development.”

Impact North Shore (INS) clients

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